Forts and Castles

Forts and castles dotted around the territory are the symbols of the military power of the Savoy dynasty, the forts rise perched on craggy slopes. The most celebrated is Forte di Fenestrelle; its majestic structure – called “the great Piedmontese wall”- climbs for 5 kilometres along the south-eastern slope of Monte Orsiera. The Fort of Exilles is majestic and controls the passage from Monginevro and the Fort of Bramafan towers above the entrance to Fréjus. A holiday and hunting destination, the Castles are spread throughout the Turin province: Castello di Masino in Canavese, Castello di Pralormo returned to its previous fame thanks to the annual blossoming of thousands of tulips. No least interesting are Castello Cavour in Santena and Castello di Rivalta, now exhibition centre for contemporary art.