Pinerolo and its valleys

The matching of Pinerolo-Cavalleria is increasingly established and internationally known, the result of a noble and fascinating history which has been handed down through time. Pinerolo is also a commercial and tourist centre from which three valleys branch off: Val Pellice, Val Germanasca and Val Chisone. All are strongly characterised by culture, nature and diverse attractions. Val Pellice is known as the valley of the Waldenses who emigrated there towards the early 13th. Val Germanasca rises to the mountains of Prali.
Val Chisone rises to the hill of Sestriere to meet with val di Susa, with which it shares another historical hill: Colle dell’Assietta. Along its itinerary you will encounter the Fort of Fenestrelle, composed of three fortifications and 4,000 steps. Natural parks and natural oases contribute to protecting the environment and to creating a landscape of fascinating charm.