Monuments and curiosities

Statues and monuments, buildings and courtyards, commemorative architecture, are the elegant curiosities of Turin and its province. It is inevitable to walk the streets and squares of the chief town or its surroundings and stop off in the historical cafes, discover the Città del Barocco itinerary or the architecture of the Liberty buildings. From the traces of Roman times of Porta Palatina, to the Basilica of Superga, it is possible to encounter the historic testimonies which, throughout history, have spread architectural masterpieces expressed in the most different shapes: from the buildings to the railings in wrought iron, from the heavy wooden doors to the courtyards of honour. Among the best known curiosities, is the extraordinary Casa Scaccabarozzi, better known as “Fetta di Polenta” (work by Antonelli) a miniscule trapezoidal-triangular shape, the Toro di Bronzo under the porticos of Piazza San Carlo: step on its private parts, it is supposed to bring you luck! The commemorative architecture of men and feats also enhance the minor centres and surrounding valleys, which conceal many curiosities, retraceable to happy “intuitions” of engineering, art and local taste.