Pinerolo and its valleys

From time to time, the matching Pinerolo-Cavalleria has become more and more well known both at a national and international level, as the result of a long and fascinating history. The main town of this area is Pinerolo, a lively touristic and economic centre. Three valleys start from here: Val Pellice, Val Germanasca and Val Chisone. Val Pellice is known as the valley of the Waldenses who emigrated there in the 13th century; Val Germanasca climbs from the plain up to the ski area of Prali; last but not least Val Chisone goes up to the col of Sestriere where it meets Val Susa, with whom shares another historical pass, the Colle dell’Assietta. Along Valle Chisone there is a true masterpiece of alpine architecture, the Fort of Fenestrelle: three fortifications and 4000 steps come together in this massive construction, turning this fort in a true Great Wall of Piedmomt. Natural parks and reserves ensure the protection of biodiversity and keep the charm of these landscapes untouched.