The Lanzo valleys

There are three Lanzo valleys: Val Grande di Lanzo, Val d’Ala and Valle di Viù. Val Grande di Lanzo joins with Val d’Ala at Ceres; from here the two valleys descend through the village of Mezzenile and Pessinetto; in the municipality of Traves they join to the Valle di Viù and from here the three valleys continue together crossing the village of Germagnano to reach as far as Lanzo. The Lanzo valleys, cradle of Turin mountaineering, are among the western Alpine locations to have resisted the most to the attack of modernisation and here the mountain has kept its wild and rugged charm intact. Lanzo is the most commercial centre of its valleys. The places of greatest interest include the Civic Tower of Aymone di Challant and the “Ponte del diavolo” on the Stura di Lanzo. Built in 1378, in the shape of a donkey’s back, it connected the Lanzo valleys with Turin. Legend has it that the devil in person built the bridge in return for the soul of the first traveller who would have crossed it.